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“More than just a renovation...it's a lifestyle!”

Professional Painters not only provides the quality of painting you desire in your property, but also the reliability and trust you expect from the best contractor.


We are professional painter in Interior and Exterior, Residential and commercial since 2001.

From day one, we had the goal to serve our community by offering the best quality and service in the painting/renovation industry, and are always reasonable in pricing projects. We benefit when we know that our customers have peace of mind in all their inquiries because we are trustworthy and take pride in our work.

The goals of our program are also client satisfaction, protecting their investment and to keep a relationship that lasts for a lifetime.

About Matthew

I am the owner of abcpainting.ca. I earned my Bsc. in Mechanical Engineering 1996 and I worked in many manufacturing industries. In 2000, I joined professionals in renovation/home Improvement Company. Because I love painting, I established my own painting business in 2001. Since then, I am serving our community by offering them the best service. I have benefited, as well as my customer, they have a peace of mind because they trust in us

Professional Painters

From exhaust fan assessment to reviewing attic space and cleaning refrigerator coils to give you a safe life.

24/7 Services

If you are in emergency situation, please do not worry. We provide 24/7 service. Whenever you call, we service you.

Affordable Price

We do more than a renovation service- we check for glitches that need attention to keep you safe and save your money.

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